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A lot of kennel sites have photos of their houses but as we are a little unconventional here is a photo of ours. 



We are Murray & Penny Brooks and together with our children Kristen (Watson) in NZ & Laura in Australia we are LYNTREE COLLIES. 

Lyntree is our registered prefix in both NZ & Australia.

We have been breeding and showing dogs for well over 30 years. 

All our dogs are raised and live in the house (which at the moment is a 38 foot motorhome) and they allow us to share the bed with them.

We sometimes have puppies available to super family homes but all our puppies leave here spayed/neutered so Puppy Farmers don't waste your time contacting us. 


 BJ & Toni as babies, Photo:[Deborah (Natural Pets - see links)]


"Owd Bob"

by Alfred Ollivant (1898)

Should you,
while wandering in the wild sheep land,
happen on moor or in market
upon a very perfect gentle knight,
clothed in dark grey habit,
splashed here and there with rays of moon;

free by right divine
of the guild of gentleman,
strenuous as a prince,
lithe as a rowan,
graceful as a girl,
with high king carriage,
motions and manners of a fairy queen;
should he have a noble breadth of brow,
on air of still strength
born of right confidence, all unassuming;

last and most unfailing test of all,
should you look into two snow-clad eyes,
calm, wistful, inscrutable,
their soft depths clothed on with eternal sadness
--- yearning, as is said,
for the soul that is not theirs ---

know then,
that you look upon
one of the line of the most illustrious
sheepdogs of the North.




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Penny Brooks
Kapuni, Taranaki, NZ
Phone : 027 336 9524
Email : [email protected]

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